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Idaho Real Estate Handbook - 7th Edition - Chuck Byers

Idaho Real Estate Handbook (Chuck Byers)


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by Chuck Byers

The Idaho Real Estate Handbook, 7th Edition, is designed to assist a buyer, seller, real estate agent and the general public quick access to the definitions and concepts of buying or selling real estate.

Over 350 Idaho law references are included to supplement the information contained on the various categories addressed. 16 separate chapters are divided into specific areas relative to practicing real estate and preparing to take the Idaho portion of the state exam. Over 270 multiple choice questions are available to test comprehension and knowledge of the subject matter discussed.

The 7th Edition includes current legislated laws passed as recently as July 2022 involving real estate. In addition, an in depth index is included for quick reference to specific topics and categories.

The Idaho Real Estate Commission required The Idaho Real Estate Handbook, 7th Edition to be included with pre-license courses to become a real estate licensee.